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Individualized Person-Centered Care

We will assess your loved one’s specific healthcare needs and propose a healthcare plan, sometimes called a plan of care. Your loved one’s doctor will then review the healthcare plan and sign it to show approval. The healthcare plan details what type of medical care your loved one will receive, what types of workers will provide the care, how frequently they will come to your loved one’s home, and how long the care is expected to last. You should receive a written copy of the plan of care. ​ Depending on how the patient’s needs progress, the home care agency may request an extension of services. They’ll send additional paperwork to the doctor for approval. And you’ll want to be sure to confirm that your loved one’s insurance will cover extended services.

Homemaking Services

Maintaining a home can be difficult for an elderly or someone who is currently recuperating or suffering from a chronic illness. That is why homemaking services are offered by Comforting Care which may involve the following services: Washing Dishes Dusting Vacuuming Taking Out the Trash Laundry Ironing Clothes Changing Linens Making the Bed Answering the Phone Clipping Coupons Shopping for Gifts Pet Care Grocery Shopping Caring for Houseplants Picking Up Prescriptions

Companionship Services

Our exceptional Care Givers assist with engaging in activities of our clients choice such as games, art, music, craft and social activities all while creating a bond and establishing relationships. Share in activities that bring joy, provide mental stimulation and encourage physical and emotional wellbeing Preparing meals Laundry Light housekeeping Grocery shopping and errands Transportation to appointments and events Reminders for grooming and other activities of daily living 24-hour (around-the-clock) care

We are about providing individualized compassionate person centered care to families across Southern Indiana. Our home care services agency is committed to providing families with the best possible in-home care services. Our commitment to you is simple: We’ll help your loved one continue to live at home, and we’ll help you find peace of mind!!

Comforting Care LLC complies with federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, or sex. This includes pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The statement also states that Comforting Care LLC does not exclude people or treat them differently based on these factors.
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Our Goal 

At Comforting Care,  we know that your loved ones deserve the very best – that’s why we attend to each individual’s needs in the comfort and dignity of their home. Through nursing, personal care, therapy, case management, and a full complement of specialized services, we bring quality care where it’s needed most. We were called to care so that you can focus on being a family member. 

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